About Us

First and foremost, thanks for your interest in SnoCal! Connecting with people and providing a clean, fun, and friendly service is our ultimate goal. A nice tan doesn’t hurt though either, right?

The ingredients of our truck played out like a finely poured shaved ice. We took 1 part idea and 2 parts crazy, hit it with a splash of “think we should?”, and then topped it with a “sure, why not!”. We first tasted the true greatness of shaved ice on a trip to Maui for our wedding. Island time affects your brain and stomach, and the shaved ice we had on the trip clearly left a lasting impression on us. Back at home in San Diego, CA and looking for a project, we decided to make a run at starting our own business. The food truck concept was a way to start the business without the added expenses tied to a traditional storefront. We spent countless hours researching and after checking out several truck options we made our first purchase. We drove up to LA, picked up the Chevy P30, and SnoCal Shaved Ice was born!

Our Lean, Green Machine

We wouldn’t feel right cruising around town at 10 MPG if we didn’t work hard to offset our tiny footprints in the sand! We’ve gone green, and it’s not from the motion of the ocean. The flower cups we use are made from PLA plastic, which is made from a renewable resource of corn. They not only have a nice lip to keep you clean but they are 100 percent biodegradable. Almost every light on the truck is an eco-friendly LED light. They run cool (like our Sno), use very little energy, and don’t contain any mercury! Bright idea, right?


Better to give than receive

We’re doing our best to feed mouths and fill hearts! Portions of our proceeds often go to help those less fortunate. So often, in fact, that we’ve decided to add this little counter to allow everyone to share in our joy! To date, with your help, SnoCal Shaved Ice has donated to all sorts of great causes totaling over $12,000! Are you having an event we can help with? We are always happy to donate 20% of our sales back for letting us be involved!