It’s what is inside that counts!

It all starts with our ice. Using a multi-step reverse osmosis system, we can produce blocks of ice more pure than a 15 year old Justin Bieber. A process called “tempering” is used to get the blocks ready to produce a shave just right for adding flavor. Our machine was selected because it’s the best at producing a fine, soft shave. SnoCal snow absorbs the flavor into the flake and doesn’t pool at the bottom like your little league snowcone. Welcome to the Big Leagues!

Savor our flavor

SnoCal utilizes only pure cane sugar and filtered water in our syrups. Only the best ingredients for our peeps! No saccharin or high fructose corn syrups here. We mix them fresh and rotate flavors frequently to keep things fresh. Check out the line up:




Blue Raspberry

Cotton Candy


Fresh Strawberry




Sour Green Apple

Lemon Lime

Orange Dreamsicle


Pink Lemonade

Li Hing Mui

Passion Fruit

Pina Colada

Blue Bubblegum

Root Beer


Tigers Blood



Birthday Cake

SnoCap (sweetened condensed milk)

Ice Cream (vanilla, mac. nut, mango)

Licorice Straws

Marshmallow Cream


Chamoy and Chili Powder

Whipped Cream

Sour Spray


Li Hing Mui Powder

Viva Pops!

We are proud and excited to now be carrying San Diego’s very own Viva Pops! Made from all-natural frozen fruit, these pops will rock your world. They’re made with organic fruits and herbs purchased from local growers and suppliers at San Diego farmers’ markets to keep their flavors true. That means we don’t over-sweeten our pops, or use any additives or preservatives.

What makes Viva Pops so special? The flavor combinations. Get down with one of our fruit-n-herb combos like Lavender Lemonade, Peach Ginger, and Nectarine Basil, or heat things up with a traditional Mexican-style flavor like Pineapple Chili or Mango Chili, with just the right combination of sweetness and spice.

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Other Treats!

We also carry a variety of other rotating desserts such as chocolate dipped bananas with sprinkles, Otter Pops, handmade ice cream sandwiches using all locally made items by other small businesses of San Diego.